Death comes and will Have Your Eyes overview – an oddly comforting end | Film |


hilean film-maker José Luis Torres Leiva’s brand new crisis is actually a considerate treatment of terminal ailment. It gets beneath the epidermis and inside thoughts of two females: two, plus one of those is dying of disease. Torres Leiva wrote the script after dropping three buddies with the illness. Their movie is actually anti-sentimental, a hard view, as the saying goes; the kind which can make you feel somewhat vulnerable. But it is sensitive and painful, as well, and wonderfully acted.

Ana (Amparo Noguera) and María (Julieta Figueroa) are located in their particular 40s. The movie starts utilizing the a couple of all of them in a car. María when you look at the traveler chair softly instructs motorist Ana to shut her vision, and also for a tense minute Ana pushes blind, scared. A while later, we find that María features critical cancer tumors. That was she carrying out in that second inside auto? Offering Ana a-glimmer of her own terror of darkness?

We view given that women clean up their particular apartment in area and proceed to a cabin in woodland, where María has chosen to die. Very little is claimed; the dialogue would probably fit onto a dozen roughly typed pages. Torres Leiva is much more contemplating the emotional weather condition, what sort of two females gaze at each different, or a hand sleeping on a shoulder. For the bathtub, María will lose the woman temper with Ana for the treatment of her like children, and rages at her illness. page

Two big digressions in the middle spoil the movie slightly. One dramatises a strange fairytale María informs about a nude feral woman living by yourself inside woodland; one other is a family group tale about the lady uncle. Both believed a bit generically arthouse, a little embarrassing experiments. On the whole, it is a tough see however in the method gently reassuring. As they can be in life, enjoying individuals coping with death is actually surprisingly comforting – it makes it feel workable in some way.